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Talentcraft Principal, Sherry Pedersen-Ajmani, is also a professional coach in training with the Adler School in Toronto and actively coaching clients on personal and professional matters. She leverages 20 years of experience in corporate HR life to support them on their journey, whatever they define that to be.


The goal of coaching is ultimately more fulfillment out of life. It uses powerful questions to help the client uncover the areas where they want to develop most. Clients take one session, one step, one goal, one activity at a time towards their aspirations.

What you can expect from coaching

The coach will ask you questions. They own the process and the tools.

You drive the bus: The topics to discuss are decided by you. You decide what action feels appropriate. You own the plan and the follow through.

You move the needle on things that have been troubling you. You make space for things in your life that have meaning. You achieve success, as defined by the most important person in your life: you.

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